Guide for water loss for pool owners who suspect a leak.
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Never drain a pool, Severe damage will occur if it is empty!   All my leak repairs are done with the pool full.

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If you add more than 1" of water per week,  YOU HAVE A LEAK!

Call for service so I can quickly find and fix all the leaks and prevent damage to your pool.  A leak as small as 1/4" per day from an average 16 x 32 pool will leak 29,200 gallons / year!  Always check your pool level for loss before closing it in the fall.  Leaks that go unrepaired can cause severe damage.  NEVER ALLOW A POOL TO DRAIN DOWN LOW OR EMPTY!


Do You Have A Leak?

The first thing, carefully mark the pool water level, wait 24 hours, check it again and measure how much it dropped.   (test on a day with no rain, do not backwash, avoid excessive swimmer splashout and make sure the autofill is off)

Normal Evaporation in CT Area

Normal evaporation in 24 hours is 1/8" per day, covered pools: 1/16" per day, Pools with waterfalls and pools heated far above the air temperature can lose 1/4" per day

Is The Leak In The Pipes, The Pool, or Both?

I check: the entire underwater surface, test the pipes, inspect the lights, hydro valves, stairs, seals, gaskets, fittings, screws and skimmer housings.  Most times it is a combination of several small leaks.  A full inspection will find all the leaks.

24 Hour Test: Filter On vs 24 Hours With It Off:

Same Loss Filter On or Off =      Likely a leak in the pool, less likely in pipes

Much Larger Loss Filter ON =    Indicates leak in the return pipe or backwash

Larger Loss With Filter OFF =    Indicates leak in a suction pipe (skimmer or main)

Air Bubbles In Return Water Flow:

Air in the return water flow can be a broken skimmer or main pipe,  BUT most often is an air leak in the gaskets, valves and piping prior to the pump 





SEAM FAILURE Highlighted with Dye

Same Seam Failure PATCHED

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