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Frequently Asked Questions?  

1. What do I need to have my pool ready for Bruce to inspect?  Your pool must be: FULL to mid skimmer, Water Clear-you must be able to see clearly to bottom of deep end, Bottom Vacuumed Clean-no green algea, provide us a 24 hour measured water loss in inches / day, provide any needed driveway gate codes, electric cover key in controller and pool gates must not be locked.  The pool must be full, clean and sanitary to swim in.  Additional note: NO SWIMMERS allowed in pool while I inspect, test & repair your pool.   Usually, swimming can resume soon after I'm finished.  

2. Do I need to be home during the leak inspection?  If you are home, that's great, I look forward to meeting you, but there is no requirement for anyone to be home as long as your pool and filter equipment are outdoors.  I always knock and introduce myself to anyone who is home, and leave a detailed report of everything tested and repaired when I'm done.

3. How long does a pool leak inspection / testing / repair job usually take?  Most jobs take 1 1/2 - 2 hours, elaborate pools or broken pipe ultrasonic leak location jobs can take 2 - 3 hours

4. Can you give me a price estimate for a pool leak inspection?  Yes, call or submit your pool information and address and we will give you an estimate.

5. Could my loss be just evaporation?  Normal evaporation in the northeast is 1/8" / day, 1/16" / day if pool is covered, heated pools and pools with waterfalls can lose 1/4"/ day.  FYI: the lowest evaporation is during the warm summer months, the greatest is in Fall when nighttime temperatures fall way below pool water temperatures.  Filter backwashing and swimmer splashout can also contribute to water loss.

6. Do you also offer Pool Inspections for people purchasing a home with a pool?  Yes, I also offer pool inspection and evaluation for home sellers and purchasers.  This covers many aspects of the pool, including leak detection, pool surface condition, piping, equipment, decking, gates, fences, alarms and safety equipment.   

7. Do you have to lower or drain the pool to make repairs?  No, all repairs are made underwater!  My repair materials all work and cure underwater.

8. Should I let the pool leak until it stops?  NO, if you let it leak down, severe damage to the pool can occur,  and for the best inspection, the pool must be full. 

9. Do you still come if it RAINS?  Yes I work, Rain or Shine, *Thunderstorms do stop work and I'll wait for thunder to stop or come back the next day. 

10. What areas in CT do you offer pool leak service in?   I service Western Connecticut:  All of Litchfield County, Northern Fairfield County (towns north of the Merritt Pkwy) and Northwest New Haven County (Southbury, Oxford & Middlebury)  I no longer do service in New York.   If you are beyond my service area, I will refer you to another leak repair person closer to you.

11. Do you offer other pool services?   I am a pool leak inspection and underwater repair specialist only.  I do not: open pools, close pools, repair pumps, filters, heaters, perform weekly service, or replace liners.   I only do underwater inspection, testing  and underwater repairs.

12. My pool loses water in the winter, what can I do?   Call me for service, I do leak inspections and repairs all year, even in winter.  Don't wait for spring, severe damage can occur if your pool remains low or goes empty in winter. 


If you have additional questions, submit them in the form below.  We look forward to hearing from you. 
We welcome all questions concerning pools, spas, leaks, water chemistry, or almost anything underwater!
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