BRUCE R. ROACHE Pool Leak Detection & Repair
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Leak Trac Tester

The Following Services Are Available
Additional Charges Will Apply


Pressure Testing Pipes, Sonic Underground Pipe Location, Pipe Leak Listening & Underwater Listening For Leaks

Pressure testing pipes and underground listening with the Fisher XLT-17 and XLT-30 and underwater listening with the Hydrophone are available.  I can usually pinpoint the location of underground leaking pipes, allowing a quicker repair with minimal excavation to access the pipe.  NO SWIMMERS MAY BE IN THE POOL OR ON DECK DURING TESTING & SONIC LISTENING.

Bruce Scans Liner With LEAK TRAC

 LEAK TRAC 2200 Electronic Vinyl Liner Inspections

Most vinyl liner pools and fiberglass pools can have the surface inspected electronically for leaks with the LEAK TRAC 2200.  This extremely sensitive tool floods the pool water with a small electrical charge (only 0.5 amps) and can identify the exact location and size of leaks in the liner.  It will find even the smallest pinhole that can barely be seen with the eye, even the termite pinholes.  It can also be used to verify a new liner is perfect at the installation time.

 Vinyl Liner Pool With Over 20 Holes
Vinyl liner pools with over 20 holes or with massive holes, will be charged extra based upon the excess time involved and materials used. Some liner pools (most often above ground type) with pinhole leaks from insects boring holes from the soil beneath, will be patched or if an excessive number of holes, sealed with flexible caulk sealant.

Gunite Pools With Extreme Cracking
Cement pools with long major cracks will be charged extra based upon the time and materials used.  Cracks will be sealed with tinted epoxy cement or U/W caulk.  In our brutal northeast winters with so many freeze / thaw cycles, it is common for old cracks to need resealing each year or two.
Pools With Attached Spas or Edge Catch Pools
Inspecting attached spas, edge catch basins and waterfalls in addition to the main pool will be extra, the additional charge will be based upon the complexity of the piping system and the time involved.  I do not test Caretaker Automatic Floor Cleaner Systems.


Sea Snake Pipe Inspection Camera & Reel System

The RIDGID Micro-Drain NANO 85 and D65 video pipe cameras and reels can inspect the inside of pipes as small as 1" diameter, for blockages, leaks, collapsed piping, while recording video and still images of the pipe. Maximum range is 85 feet.

Underwater Photos of Damage & Repairs

Underwater photos and video of damage areas are available.  These can be extremely useful for an insurance claim, a warantee issue or to document the pool condition at the time of a home resale.



  Bruce R. Roache  P.A.D.I. Master Instructor MI-11403

   Over 2000 divers trained and certified since 1980.



Underwater Search, Salvage & Recovery Diving

Lost underwater objects found: wedding rings, wallets, keys, jewelery, sunken boats, snowmobiles lost through ice, boat motors, fishing equipment, boat moorings installed, chains inspected, mooring blocks relocated, lost moorings found, fire hydrant intake cleaning service, underwater automobile recovery.  

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